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Swift Group

£1 million+ Revenue from Lead Generation

Despite Swift Group having substantial business coming from recommendations, they wanted to expand their online presence and create a new channel for client acquisition.

By implementing a comprehensive Paid Search (PPC) campaign, we quickly delivered highly-targeted traffic to their website. In the first year alone, the campaign generated an impressive £491,000 in revenue, creating significant growth for the Swift Group.

The team at Miro really understand our business and are a pleasure to work with. They are regularly in touch to offer advice and support and check on how we are progressing. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to generate leads for their business.
Business Development Manager
Swift Group


Swift Group had the following objectives for the campaign:

  1. Generate consistent leads through the website
  2. Create customer avatars to aid in targeting
  3. Ensure campaign cohesion with overall growth strategy


Targeting High-Quality Traffic: As part of our STRIDE methodology, we conducted comprehensive market research to develop detailed customer avatars. These avatars were then used to target high-value traffic to the website, generating leads cost-effectively.

Landing Page Optimisation: Our market research also informed the creation of new landing pages focused on addressing the target audience’s pain points and making the calls to action (CTAs) highly visible and relevant.

Lead Follow-up Strategy: As part of the strategy, we channelled leads into the Swift Group CRM, enabling us to get regular feedback from the client on lead quality and optimise the campaign accordingly.


61+ New Clients.

Our campaigns have led to the acquisition of 61+ new clients, contributing to substantial growth for the Swift Group. This influx of new clients has successfully achieved their objective of increasing customer acquisition through greater online brand presence.

£11 in Revenue for Every £1 Spent.

Through extensive planning and detailed execution, we achieved an impressive £11 in revenue for every £1 spent, demonstrating the effectiveness of our lead generation marketing.

Over £1 Million in Revenue Generated.

Our campaigns have generated over £1 million in revenue, reflecting the significant impact our partnership has had on the client's bottom line.


To optimise visitor-to-lead conversion, we continuously refined Swift Group’s online presence by conducting split tests on different designs, messaging, and calls to action. This thorough approach consistently generated high-quality leads through the website.

The Next Stride

Our partnership with the Swift Group has grown their business significantly over the last couple of years, but we're not stopping there.

Moving forward, our joint objective is to expand the lead generation campaign to achieve Swift Group’s ambitious growth targets and ensure the continued strengthening and broadening of its position in the market.