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About Us

Who We Are

We are ‘The Digital Stride’, a research-focused digital marketing agency based in Leamington Spa. We’re a deliberately small but perfectly formed team of digital marketing experts who love what we do. 


‘a decisive step taken in the progress of a goal’

Our name symbolises our collective focus on continual progress and innovation, ensuring we achieve our clients' objectives and, in turn, build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Our Vision

Enabling a working environment that fosters happiness is the key to unlocking both individual and team performance. And it’s no coincidence that a high-performing team goes hand in hand with happy clients. So, our vision is simple…

To be the happiest marketing company to work for and work with.

In pursuit of this vision, we attract and retain digital marketing specialists who value our ethos and are passionate about their work. We believe that every individual plays a valuable role in shaping our company's direction and collective cultural identity.

Our Mission

To positively redefine the client-agency relationship by creating mutually beneficial, aligned relationships that drive consistent growth.

We’re not really fans of the traditional client-agency relationship. We choose to work with clients who value our specialist knowledge and skills and who are happy for us to align ourselves alongside their team. 

To make an impact and drive growth, we must commit to fully understanding our clients' businesses and the markets in which they operate. Most agencies don’t invest enough time in understanding their clients, which is why their results are often mediocre at best. 

Our foundational values ensure we do things differently from other agencies.

Our Values

At The Digital Stride, we have built our approach on understanding, transparency, reliability, and innovation. These values run throughout our team culture, where we are not just marketers but educators, experts, and passionate digital marketing enthusiasts.

Our foundational values:


Every task starts with a commitment to a deep understanding of the client’s business, which encompasses their products and services, target audience, competitors, and marketplace.


Our commitment to transparency means that we hold ourselves accountable and maintain authenticity in all our communications. We won’t bombard you with vanity metrics when all you really care about is leads, customers and return on investment (ROI). You’ll get transparent, clear reports that’ll tell you exactly how your campaign is progressing.


We consistently uphold our promises, delivering dependable solutions. Through consistent communication and actions, we ensure our clients have a trusted partner by their side.


We quickly adapt to new challenges and always look for the latest innovations to drive our client's business growth to the next level and ensure market competitiveness.

How We're Different

We’ve been helping clients grow their businesses since 2002, that’s a long time in the young digital marketing industry. In that time, we’ve seen all manner of marketing gimmicks come and go and agencies pedalling the latest tips and tricks to try and boost client performance. These tactics rarely work, and they certainly never last.

Instead, we’ve used our 22+ years of experience to develop and refine a proven methodology for delivering more leads, better customers and faster growth for all our clients.

Through our 6-step STRIDE Methodology™, we combine our digital marketing expertise with a deep understanding of your business, your audience and your market to deliver exceptional results every time.