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Our STRIDE Methodology™

Our STRIDE Methodology™ is a systematic process with two objectives. First, it ensures we thoroughly understand your business, market, competitors, and target audience. Second, it enables our team of experts to develop and implement a highly effective marketing strategy that will generate leads and new customers to drive your business forward.

Our STRIDE Methodology™ involves 6 key steps:


Seek to Understand

At the heart of everything we do is ‘understanding’. That means taking the time to get to know your business and the market you operate in. We conduct comprehensive market research to uncover customer and market insights, which are used to develop your Marketing Strategy document.

This strategic groundwork lays the foundation for Step 2 – Track and Measure, where we implement accurate tracking and measurement of user data, which is essential for monitoring and optimising your campaigns.


Track & Measure

Accurately tracking and measuring user data has become increasingly challenging due to changes in online privacy, user consent, and GDPR regulations. This makes the measurement stage of our STRIDE Methodology™ critical. Without the correct implementation of a comprehensive tracking and measurement strategy, you’ll invest your marketing budget aimlessly, unable to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Giving Your Business a Competitive Advantage!

When implemented correctly, a good tracking and measurement strategy that produces high-quality data creates a competitive advantage for your business. Advertising platform algorithms like Google Ads, Meta, and TikTok rely on this high-quality data to make informed decisions that lead to better results.

Given its technical nature, comprehensive tracking and measurement requires a diverse skillset that is often not available within in-house marketing teams. That’s why we’ve made it an essential and early part of our methodology.

Once the core structure is in place for tracking and measurement, we move on to Step 3.


Research-based Strategy

At this stage, we use all the insights gained during the ‘Seek to Understand’ phase to develop your ‘Marketing Strategy Blueprint’. This tangible, detailed strategy document outlines how to generate the leads and new customers required to achieve your growth objectives.

As well as summarising the market research, your blueprint document will detail the following:

  • Marketing objectives
  • Customer profiles identified
  • Customer value strategy
  • Channel strategy
  • Core marketing messaging
  • Suggested marketing budget (to achieve objectives).

Once the Marketing Strategy Blueprint is finalised, we proceed to Phase 4 - Innovate and Implement, where we implement your marketing strategy, continuously refining and optimising our approach based on real-time data and market feedback.


Innovate & Implement

Once you’ve reviewed and approved your Marketing Strategy Blueprint, our team of experts will start implementing it immediately. This will involve setting up new digital marketing channels, building out proposed campaigns, designing adverts, conducting keyword research, creating specific landing pages, and building reporting tools to keep you informed.

Innovation is a core value at The Digital Stride. So, as we implement your strategy, we ensure we’re innovating at every opportunity – be it the latest bidding strategy, new advert formats or a unique content marketing approach.

Once everything is ready, your campaigns will be launched, and we begin monitoring your results closely to prepare for optimising them in Step 5.


Data-driven Optimisation

As your campaigns accumulate data, our team makes optimisation decisions based on the data collected. At this stage, our early focus on comprehensive ‘tracking and measurement’ comes into its own. With a higher volume of quality data, our experts can make informed optimisation decisions based on real-world results rather than opinions or hunches, ensuring your campaign is optimised effectively. 

We will pass the data we collect into advertising platforms like Google Ads, Meta, and TikTok. This will help their algorithms optimise campaign elements that are outside of our control, such as smart bidding systems.

As we optimise campaigns based on accumulating data, our pursuit of improvement leads us to Step 6 - Elevate Performance, where we identify fresh opportunities for further growth.


Elevate Performance

Our final step is identifying opportunities to improve your results further and elevate your performance to the next level. Periodically, our team of experts step back and examine your marketing to identify new ways to further your growth. This examination could involve introducing a new channel to access your existing target audience at a different stage of their buying journey or a new market segment we’ve identified to expand your reach.

These opportunities lead us back into ‘Step 4 – Innovate and Implement’ of the STRIDE Methodology™ as we begin a continuous improvement cycle for your business.