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Email Marketing

Do you struggle to drive real results through your email campaigns?

Regardless of whether you have sent one email or thousands, email is a crucial channel for connecting with your audience and building up your customer lifetime value.

How Can We Help You?

We deliver tailored email campaigns that achieve your objectives. We will review your segmentation, copywriting, design, list management, and scheduling to ensure your email marketing campaign is refined for your audience.

Our experts use in-depth analytics and performance tracking to help you enhance your engagement rates. By leveraging these tools, we make data-driven decisions that improve your overall email marketing strategy and maximise your return on investment.

How Are We Different?

We will guide you through our STRIDE Methodology™ to cut through the complexities of email marketing. The STRIDE Methodology™ is a systematic six-step process with two key objectives.

First, it ensures our team thoroughly understands your business, market, competitors, and target audience.

Second, it enables our team of experts to develop and implement a highly effective email marketing strategy that mirrors your brand and effectively captivates your desired audience, helping you meet your objectives.

Our commitment to transparent communication and collaborative effort ensures that you are involved in every step of growing your campaigns.

What Results Can You Expect?

Once the objective has been set, we are dedicated to achieving your KPIs, whether it's higher open rates, click-through rates, conversions, or overall engagement. Our focus on customer lifetime value enables us to optimise campaigns for long-term profitability, while our expertise in leveraging seasonal trends ensures strategic revenue increases during peak periods.

Our innovative strategies will ensure that every campaign delivers tangible results aligned with your goals. For example, Bullen, a client for over 5 years, has witnessed the following results from a single campaign that sent over 200,000 emails:

  • 57.8% Open Rate (compared to industry average of 34.64%*)
  • 12.5% Click Rate (compared to industry average of 2.79%*)
  • 25% of leads generated on the Bullen campaign come from email automation follow-up.

*industry averages sourced from Mailchimp.

The team at The Digital Stride really understand our business and are a pleasure to work with. They are regularly in touch to offer advice and support and check on how we are progressing. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to generate leads for their business.
Business Development Manager
Swift Group