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591% Increase in Organic Revenue

Are you facing difficulties in attracting ready-to-buy customers? Rubber4Roofs encountered similar challenges until we implemented a strategic SEO approach.

Our SEO campaign resulted in a massive 591% increase in organic revenue, demonstrating the effectiveness of our tailored solutions in driving substantial growth.

Partnering with The Digital Stride has been transformative for our business. Their SEO solutions have significantly increased our organic revenue and established us as a leading authority in the online market. Their expertise has driven substantial growth, and we look forward to continuing this successful partnership.
Managing Director


Rubber4Roofs had the following objectives for the campaign:

  1. Boost ready-to-buy customer numbers
  2. Enhance website performance and user experience
  3. Establish trust and authority within the rubber roofing market for their brand


Targeting High-Intent Keywords

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify keywords with high commercial intent relevant to Rubber4Roofs' products. We then optimised the website content with these keywords in mind to boost visibility in search results and guide visitors towards purchasing.

Technical SEO Implementation

Regular technical SEO audits helped to identify optimisation opportunities, including resolving broken links, improving page speed, and enhancing mobile responsiveness. These efforts significantly boosted search engine rankings and improved the website’s user experience.


A comprehensive content plan was developed to position Rubber4Roofs as an industry leader. Engaging content such as blog posts and YouTube videos were planned to showcase product features and benefits, aligning with strategic SEO and PPC keyword targeting for sustained growth and market presence.


591% Increase in Organic Revenue

By understanding the target audience, we were able to optimise the content to drive highly relevant traffic to the website that was ready to purchase.

127% Increase in Organic Traffic

Starting with niche keywords and broadening out we’ve been able to more than double organic traffic coming to the website.

2,974% ROI for Organic Marketing Value

Our SEO strategy has provided almost 3,000% return on investment for Rubber4Roof's organic marketing spend.


We improved and maintained top rankings for keywords with high commercial intent, including ranking 1st for many of them. This consistent ranking drove substantial traffic to the website, resulting in a significant increase in revenue for Rubber4Roofs.

The Next Stride

Rubber4Roofs have partnered with us for over seven years now, achieving remarkable milestones in their digital marketing journey. However, our commitment to their success doesn't end here.

Looking ahead, our collective focus centres on maintaining strong keyword rankings and visibility for high intent keywords to keep improving website traffic, conversions and revenue. This commitment ensures Rubber4Roofs maintains and expands its leading position in the market.